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How to compress WMA audio

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What is WMA

Lovers of digital music, which can be listened to on a computer, modern player or mobile gadget, often come across files with the .wma extension. What is it, we will now see. If we consider the abbreviation WMA itself, in English it stands for Windows Media Audio. As it becomes clear from the very phrase, the WMA format is a proprietary development of Microsoft and is supported by almost all Windows systems, except perhaps completely outdated versions. The WMA format is one of the most popular audio file formats. It helps to fit many hours of music into a small amount of memory. Not surprisingly, there are many online wma compression programs.

How WMA compression works

Windows Media Audio is relatively recent and appears to be based on an encoding method similar to MP3. By ear, this format produced almost indistinguishable from MP3 results, which made WMA a very strong competitor. A significant drawback of WMA was the lack of support for bitrates above 160 kbps. In fact, the WMA format differs from the MP3 codecs in that it has one single implementation. There are several flavors of WMA, including WMA Pro, a codec that supports Hi-Res audio. WMA Lossless is a codec that compresses audio without losing quality, and WMA Voice, a codec designed for applications in which the main function is to transmit voice even on very slow network connections.

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