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How to compress AIFF audio

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What is AIFF

The Audio Interchange File Format (AIFF) is an audio file format standard used to store audio data for personal computers and other electronic audio devices. The format was developed by Apple Inc. in 1988 based on Electronic Arts' Interchange File Format (IFF, widely used in Amiga systems) and is most commonly used in Apple Macintosh computer systems. The audio data in a standard AIFF file is uncompressed PCM. There is also a compressed version of the AIFF format, called AIFC (sometimes AIFF-C), in which various codecs can be used for compression. AIFF, along with CDA and WAV, is one of the formats used in professional audio and video applications, as unlike the more popular MP3 format, the audio in AIFF is lossless encoded.

How AIFF compression works

The AIFF file format is based on the Electronic Arts .IFF format and was originally developed by Apple Computer. Standard CD audio AIFF files are sampled at 44.1 kHz, 16-bit, and have two channels for stereo sound. The main advantage of files with the AIF extension is that files of this format are not compressed, therefore they do not lose their quality when transferred to other media and further processing in sequencers and other audio programs. This format means storing audio without compression, similar to the WAV format. For this reason, music stored in AIF format takes up a lot of memory space, 1 minute can take up to 10 MB.

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