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How to compress PowerPoint files

Upload PPT or PPTX

First, you need to select an application from the available options and upload the PPT/PPTX file

Compress it

In the next step, you need to select the necessary settings and proceed to compress your image.


And finally, when everything is ready, you can download the file to your device and check it.

What is PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a program that is used to create presentations. It is included in Microsoft Office and is very popular these days. The application is relevant for business, advertising, teaching and lecture activities. It is actively used by schoolchildren and students. The program is great for public speaking and is an effective teaching tool. For many users, it has become an integral part of home and work computers. PowerPoint Presentation or Microsoft PowerPoint is a program for creating and delivering presentations. Here you can quickly and easily create bright, visual presentations decorated with pictures, tables, drawings, etc. It is used by teachers, students and schoolchildren with pleasure. After all, learning the program is not difficult, all you need is a little experience in Microsoft Word.

How PowerPoint compression works

PowerPoint is now a service that provides tremendous opportunities for creating and viewing slideshow-style presentations. It works with Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android and IOS operating systems. PowerPoint presentations are often quite heavy, making them difficult to transfer over the network and use on slower PCs and laptops. However, not many people know that the size of almost any presentation can be reduced at least several times. The PPTX format was implemented by Microsoft in Office 2007, but until now, either out of habit or for some other reason, users save presentations in outdated PPT. Saving (or converting) to pptx can significantly reduce the file size.

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