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What is compression, reduction and optimization

Often the size of a computer file is too large and for some reason it is necessary to reduce the amount of space that it occupies on the disk. Many files contain some kind of repetitive, unnecessary information. Therefore, it is technically possible to transform it to reduce the overall size. This is data compression. Compression should not be thought of as removing unnecessary parts. It is important that the recovered file has exactly the same content as the original one (the file size being the same is not enough). There are many compression algorithms and many compressed file formats.

Compression of data can be different. It is determined by a special ratio, that is, the compression level. Depending on the program, the compression ranges from 10% to 30%. Certain types of documents and other files can be compressed even more, and 30% is far from the limit.

What files can you compress?

Almost any file can be compressed and optimized. However, depending on the type of file and its format, the compression ratio can be any. In addition, when compressing some files, you can choose the compression ratio, choosing from the lowest to the highest possible. However, it is worth remembering that the higher the compression ratio, the more the quality of the file content decreases.

So what files can you compress with Ocompress? First, most of the popular image formats are from JPG and PNG to WebP and GIF. Of course, we also support the compression of multimedia audio and video formats, both the most popular and less common. And do not forget about the compression of documents, because they can also take up a lot of space in the device's memory.

Were we able to help you compress your files?

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