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How to compress AVI

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First, you need to select an application from the available options and upload the AVI file

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In the next step, you need to select the necessary settings and proceed to compress your image.


And finally, when everything is ready, you can download the file to your device and check it.

What is AVI video

The AVI file format can contain video and audio data compressed using different combinations of codecs, which allows video and sound to be played synchronously. An AVI file can contain different types of compressed data (for example, DivX - video + WMA - audio or Indeo - video + PCM - audio), depending on which codec is used for encoding / decoding. Like DVD, AVI files support multi-streaming audio-video. AVI files can contain various types of compressed data, such as DivX for video and MP3 for audio. Audio Video Interleave (interleaving audio and video) is a kind of media container that stores different formats of audio and video. The format of internal files depends on the selected codec that forms it. It can be a combination of DivX or XviD video and WMA audio. AVI owes its appearance to Microsoft Corporation, which introduced it in 1992. Today it is the standard video format for the Windows platform. To work with the AVI format, you need codecs that support video and audio. These codecs can be downloaded from the Internet if they are not on your computer.

How AVI compression works

AVI is a popular media container developed and maintained by Microsoft. This media container can contain multithreaded video and audio tracks and allow synchronous playback. Videos with sound in this format are played by the standard built-in media player in all operating systems of the Windows family. AVI recording can be uncompressed or compressed. The most commonly used compression algorithm is Motion JPEG. Compression formats are also supported: Microsoft Video 1 (format works only with 8- and 16-bit color), Microsoft RLE (only 8-bit color), Indeo, Cinepak Editable MPEG, which uses only I-frames. Recently, the DivX compression format has become more and more popular. The codec used for compression is a cracked version of the Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec.

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