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How to compress MOV

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First, you need to select an application from the available options and upload the MOV file

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In the next step, you need to select the necessary settings and proceed to compress your image.


And finally, when everything is ready, you can download the file to your device and check it.

What is MOV video

The MOV file format is closely related to QuickTime technology. Moreover, MOV is not a traditional format - it is a media container containing various types of data. This format was created by Apple, so playing a MOV file saved in this format on traditional computers is not easy. It is also worth mentioning that footage recorded by popular digital cameras is usually saved in the MOV format. This format is not an extension in the usual sense of the word. Formally, it refers to the type of video files, but this does not quite accurately reflect its essence. Rather, it is a multimedia container. It can contain multiple information tracks. Video, graphics, animation, subtitles (for VR), 3D, audio - all this can be packaged in MOV using lossless data compression.

How MOV compression works

Apple has developed this extension for its player - QuickTime. The purpose of this format is editing, publishing and playing multimedia files. MOV stores footage, graphics, animation, and 3D content. Like most video files, it contains tracks of various information. If you want to transfer large MOV format movie from your computer to iPhone X, email files, or even upload to social media sites, you need to compress MOV files online. What are the best online MOV compressors to reduce MOV video size? H.265 uses all the same compression principles as H.264: the background image is saved once, and then only changes originating from moving objects are recorded, which can significantly reduce the requirements not only for storage, but also for bandwidth network capabilities. However, in H.265, many algorithms and methods for predicting motion have undergone significant qualitative changes.

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