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How to compress WEBP

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First, you need to select an application from the available options and upload the WEBP file

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In the next step, you need to select the necessary settings and proceed to compress your image.


And finally, when everything is ready, you can download the file to your device and check it.

What is WEBP

WebP is a relatively new format from Google. Pictures in this format take up 30% less space on the page due to special compression based on coding key frames in the VP8 video codec. WebP supports lossy and lossy compression, varying degrees of transparency, metadata, and can contain an embedded ICC profile. However, not all browsers and applications support the format yet. Google has been working on WebP for several years with the goal of reducing image file sizes without sacrificing quality. To do this, the WebP image format uses a more efficient compression algorithm. This makes the file sizes of images used on the Internet significantly smaller than those of JPEG or PNG.

How WEBP compression works

The peculiarity of WebP is that compression occurs at the expense of reducing the quality of small details and textures. At the same time, clear edges of the pattern remain and smooth transitions on solid areas are preserved. The biggest disadvantage of this format is that people's faces look a little plastic at low quality settings. The lossy WebP compression algorithm uses predictive coding to predict the color value of adjacent pixels. It then only encodes the difference between actual values and predictions. Of these encoded or residual values, many are zero, and this phenomenon contributes to further reducing the size of the WebP image.

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