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What is DOC

We rarely think about the size of files to send, considering them not so weighty compared to videos that take up a lot of space. However, methods for compressing them are in great demand in such cases: sending by mail, low Internet speed, publishing a document on a website. There are several possible ways to compress Word Online. They come in handy when the document contains graphics, and the document becomes heavy because of the images embedded in it. The volume of a Word document usually increases significantly not because of the text, but because of the images. You can significantly reduce the weight of graphic files by compressing them.

How DOC compression works

The fonts used by the author are embedded in each Word document. This ensures that these fonts can be read and printed even when they are not present on the system being used. Avoiding their implementation will help reduce the size of the final file. In current editions of Word, the default is DOCX, which was previously the regular DOC. The same file saved in DOCX will be smaller than in DOC. Squeeze the file as much as possible, and you can quickly send it even with a slow Internet connection. Few people worry about the size of Microsoft Word files: Compared to games and videos, they take up almost no space. But if you publish a document on some website or send it by mail, and even with a slow Internet, then every kilobyte counts.

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